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Nightmare Painting

by Haiku Funeral

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Blacklight Amniotic Erotica Roaring lovesick nausea Angels vomit despair Blacklight amniotic erotica The cracked chalice of your stare And the chainsaw sings sweetly Bloody lullabies Nightmare-eyed lizard ascendant Tortured evangelist with a knife Gods descend A guillotine of flies Legs spread Prostitute divine Moonflowers Your breasts awash with crime Bloodshowers Punishment sublime White dove in headless flight Wings search an empty sky We draw diagrams of crucifixions Between the pages of your thighs
Behemoth Rising Diamond-pink—wet book of sea and moon A priest killed in a climax of debauchery His eye stuffed in a hole of excrement bliss A vision-- Drums in the belly of the thunder beast Tearing the night to shreds— Dreamtigers— The cries of wounded animals caged in the back of your throat Behemoth rising in the cemetery of terrible love Breathing on the windows of shame Lightning faltering at the altar You offer your body to me— Corpus Diavolis— Brimming with blood Boiling behind the curtains of forbidden love Alchemy of glands-- Your hands, pallid pentagrams So rises the behemoth in smoke Venom buried alive In the desecrated shrine Blasphemy kisses you, licks the divine Bleeding brutality The vortex is screaming Throwing its blood against the wall of sky Tornado in your head Praying our death Hard in our erotic obituary Opening and closing arteries of debauchery A hot vein and sharp needle Bring sleep in death’s-head dreams Bat-faced jealousy Behemoth rising in the black rain Your mouth opens like a wound The punctures of your eyes melting Tears tears the lovely burn of them Spiderwebs hear everything All my poems to you Those adorable mutants Aching in the air between our lips Behemoth rising in the cemetery of terrible love Mutual suicide Your mouth opens like a tomb Planets dying, knives are smiling The trip of tender torture Doom Doom It shall be over soon
Raining Nightbirds You woke in the night Screaming the thousand names of God So I took you in my arms And I saw your wings of lightning Spreading storms, licking the air All the clouds in your eyes Raining nightbirds, beaks afire— Sleek with the flames of the scars of your thighs Your flesh split in a hissing kiss— Jaws and teeth and bone— Smiling death in the burning bed The delirium tremens of your melting reds, The lunar flesh your lips inspire— God damn you for your beauty I could just fuck you to death Shove all this inside the thundering dark of your nest Your black waters rising beyond nightfall Whispering cold poems Epileptic ecstasies— Such tender murder O my love They’re flying away now, Our shadows in candlelit flight— The lights of your body Shaming the astonishing height That my dream hascome to For you, for you All my fires are burning you
The Flags of A new empire burn Veins opening— nerves screaming as night cuts its throat blood dripping off the moon Wolves howl their nightmares Across the scars of the stars Staining the lights of grotesque constellations Whirling galaxies Storms of insects Nebula gas chamber Dark matter Burning the witches as suns collapse The dark opens its wings An intelligent disease-- Genocide of the hive mind Elevation by Fire Prepare the earth, punctuate with graves The seven-eyed Beast of the Air Vibrates in his web of time Priests the unholy disciples of Hell Kiss the black hoof glowing fire red Fall into the haunted house of God And the black eyed seraphim Pluck the string of the apocalypse Fang and star, blood and smoke Dream the dream of goat-headed hope A phallus of lightning snakes the sky in a serpentine kiss Thundering torment, crown of obsidian bliss Nightmare cradling in sin Burn! Fly the death flags! Witness the mountain of bones Burn! Fly the death flags! The new shining horizon of the Empire Eternity cut open and crucified Dead man nailed to the screaming door of fate Revelations – prophetic exhalations The flags of a new empire burn Burn! Fly the death flags! Witness the mountain of bones Burn! Fly the death flags! It’s your funeral
Death Poem 02:24
Death Poem The heavy emptiness of his breath Shall leave devastated landscapes Of crimson thorns and impaled angels Beneath the bleeding skies of heaven Humiliated angels Begging for death With elephant voices and half-cut throats No light will ever shine again Upon the raped face of this holy realm No light, no hope, no single soul His word, vibrating the hidden frequency Of the beginning and the end Will erase all purpose of existence The heavy emptiness of his breath Carry black wings of devastating energy
Your Heart A Black Tunnel Your hair—dying birds in the night Kills in the filthy light of falling leaves The poem with a broken back Bitch full of stitches Sutras of sutures Hospitalized in the black-feathered tomb of you Your pelvis in the museum of demise Anguish undulating— A girl gone mad with the pull of the moon— Her breasts, all eyes, torture smoothness Biting fire—mouth bleeding rhyme— Opening like a pink disease— Door to the haunted cellar— Womb-door, worm hole— Plucking out the dreamer’s eye in his final moment of failure— Her gleaming teeth: death machines ghosts of gods fucking the sky And where have you gone? Your heart a black tunnel Fluttering with the breath of bats— Winged catastrophes— Beauty pressing her broken lips Bleeding the sweetest wine Sweating her ruptures of time The furrowed brows of assassins Meditate in the red lights of crime


Deep, dark, seductively, bleak, ironic paradox. Pulsing, trippy, virtuoso bass and hoarse, snarling, savagely crazed voice.
Whilst the listener is drawn in like a moth to a flame, by the rhythms and textures of post-everything avant-garde, the darkest of messages is being whispered direct to the cortex, under the skin and echoing somewhere in the morbid depths of your soul. Such tender murder, indeed.

A blackened metal hybrid with ambient experimentation....


released October 31, 2012

Dimitar Dimitrov: vocals, electronics ,theremin
William Kopecky: basses, vocals,theremin, guitar on “Flags of A New Empire Burn”
Recorded and mixed at Daemonicreation Studio, Marseille, France 2010-2011


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Haiku Funeral Marseille, France

HAIKU FUNERAL was born in a smoke-filled recording studio in Marseille, France on Halloween night of 2008. The result is music that could be described as hallucinogenic, sinister, and visionary.

Dimitar Dimitrov (electronics, keyboards, vocals)
William Kopecky (bass, vocals)

They torment strange instruments and devices like theremin, e-bow, spring-drum, children’s harp...
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