Assassination In The Hashish Cathedral

by Haiku Funeral

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Dark poems of sick erotic visions,
Tortured screams in industrial landscapes,
Occult murmurings and eerie whispers


released October 31, 2009

DIM - Electronics, Vox, Hallucinogenics
WMK - Bass, Vox, Delirium


all rights reserved



Haiku Funeral Marseille, France

HAIKU FUNERAL was born in a smoke-filled recording studio in Marseille, France on Halloween night of 2008. The result is music that could be described as hallucinogenic, sinister, and visionary.

Dimitar Dimitrov (electronics, keyboards, vocals)
William Kopecky (bass, vocals)

They torment strange instruments and devices like theremin, e-bow, spring-drum, children’s harp...
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Track Name: Assassination In The Hashish Cathedral
Assassination in the Hashish Cathedral

A rain of bats in a black parade
acid hatched in lacerated dawn.
The dying hallucinations panting on the floor
gasp their last as gods with heads of insects
storm from wounds of light
as I finger the ruins of your smile.

Asphyxia in the crowded hour of the wolf
Assassination in the hashish cathedral

Like a smashed palace
submerged in the blackened wines of time,
or a headless infant retching dream-mothers
whose eyes shine vacuums
of patricide and delight.

Visions of you in a vivisected room:
cleaned, polished, erasing the stains
of your second head rupturing
from within the slavering lotus of the first,
your other mouth masticating violently,
vomiting impossible sonnets of betrayal
your ecstatic excising of the poisoned lung

Asphyxia in the crowded hour of the wolf
Assassination in the hashish cathedral

In a whisper of veils, a sinister grin,
an opiate cocoon that conceals the transforming you:
wincing apostle,
the mineral scream trapped in the dream
of you and me sucking so listlessly
at the disintegrating bosom of doom
the disintegrating bosom of our insatiable, blessed doom
our lovely, beautiful doom
our perfect, insatiable doom.

Asphyxia in the crowded hour of the wolf
Assassination in the hashish cathedral
Track Name: The Jewelery Of Suffering
The Jewelry of Your Suffering

Sky lit up with fever, raving in its dreams,
the nightflowers slashing open their faces
in sudden surgeries of sight.
An image obliterated
abbreviation of breath
in viscous autumn.

Your wet eyes behind the cold door
searching for defeat,
trapped in a shattering of glass
and a remembrance of charred stars.

Painting the air with our filth,
a worm the size of the wind
chews luminous tunnels
through the snakepit of our lies
the writhing, fanged loveletters
carving poems in your flesh
the most beautiful words
ever committed to crime,
to the frozen identity of your wounded eyes
your thighs welcoming the night,
the hour spilling its black honey
in midnight's trembling hive.

Poisoned November staggers bloated
into the rigor mortis room,
abominations dripping from his lips
as he offers his chalice of infection
to the gaping idiot moon
who only listens to the bald void
caressing her scars,
lovingly licking her cratered retardation.

Yet the flame of your navel
and the seam of your smile
slowly unravel
the topography between your breasts
smooth as parables,
tasting of lightning
and thunder's punishing kiss.

The jewel of your suffering
The litany of your love for me
The decapitated angel in your death-white hands
The darkening...the sharpening.
The damp incision of you
tenderly dissecting our festering disease
our eviscerated empire that quivers as it bleeds.
Track Name: Нощ Течна Майко
Нощ Течна Майко

Тръни постлани
Черни прежди
Мъртви свещи

Течни майки
Хвърлят бесни кълнове
В прясна нива
Луди гарвани
Бият с криле времето
Израстват дървета
Но раждат застой
Кухи тикви
Дрънкат бесни
Кълнове, клюнове

Ти изля отровата си в мен!

Втора луна
Червена води стихове
Бяла кърпа
Нощем летят символи
Свинска сватба
Роклята ти стене
Змийско мляко
Капе от лицето ти

Слаба змия без гърди
Държи дълга бяла свещ

Гънки огряли
Тънко изваяни
Топли и твърди
Черни прежди

Слаба змия без гърди
Държи дълга бяла свещ

Track Name: Let The Drug Sick Visions Begin
Let the Drug-Sick Visions Begin

Love slaps your face
as you thrust out your tongue
to lick the swollen shank of cobra-headed scorn.
Scrape away our smiles
in this insecticide kiss
toxic mandibles ravage our lips.

And we crawl out of our skins into a storm
crimson rituals scarring primordial dawn.

Silhouettes shriek in our overdosed sky,
shot through to their death
pornographic suicide.
The stars sweat on their hands and knees,
ejaculating luminosity, scintillant disease.

And we crawl out of our skins into a storm
crimson rituals scarring primordial dawn.

Let the drug-sick visions begin!
O my darling,
my darling who writhes in psychosexual sin.

An image of me in a straitjacket of dread,
a glimmer of you bleeding in bed
like a rose gone mad with virtue and fire
purring paroxysms as you open your thighs
the tender decay of our bloodshot eyes
bouquets of bruises punctuate our demise.

Blaspheming this feast
with infested words,
electrical deities unleash their ebony birds
in our cemetery of shame, our prophecy of pain
crucified in a halo of flame.

Let the drug-sick visions begin!
O my darling,
my darling who writhes in psychosexual sin.

In a grinding of teeth
and a clashing of glands
we burn into the other
as I take your cracked hands
and place them on the scepter of death
infernal totem, eruption of flesh
that explodes in your throat,
pouring nightmares in the coffin of your bones
the blistering blitzkrieg of your screaming black holes.
Track Name: Погребение

Аз съм
В теб
Track Name: The Forever Book Of Smoke
The Forever Book of Smoke

She opens her mouth like a casket,
an infinite sucking throb
in endless, narrow heat.

Other women in white
their heads red planets
aggravate the air,
perfume it
with the scent of their knives.

She goes again to howl quietly
at the windows of the moon,
silver crawling on her
like a rapist's disease.

Skin splitting,
gashes gathering a new vocabulary,
a sign language of mutated organs.

Thunder at the door,
snarling and gnawing
as the evening is torn apart.

She opens the forever book of smoke
and I read its delirium.

The fragrance of her rage decorates
the torture chamber of our bed,
and incantations palpitate in the starry air between her lips
her orgasmic prayer
the epileptic autopsy of her kiss.
Track Name: Черна Лудница
Черна Лудница

Чувам те татко
Скован тук от времето
Кога бяхме хора
Още виждам царството

Стопи сега ледовете
Да тругнем пак заедно
Сами сред зверовете
Носещи неизбежна смърт

Нека да чуя твоята
И ще си спомня името си

Нека да чуя твоята
За да заплачат всички
Track Name: The Failing Of Feathered Light
The Failing of Feathered Light

In a final rupture of flight
she anoints the air
with the faltering birds of her breath,
and beneath the wing of warm infinity
she submits to the failing of feathered light
the diminishing song of herself
as she clenches and unclenches her talons
and meditates in the festering nest of time.

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